There are three different challenges depending on what you want to do! Please add your submission in the comments with the symbol next to the challenge you choice 😀 

Drawing @:

It’s time to draw your favorite, or make your own, CHARACTER!!!!!

Have fun with this!! Please make it PG! Thank you 😀


Writing #:

It time to make a character!! I would like you to promptly describe what your character is like:






Four descriptive words(Are they shy, nice, anxious, etc.):


Crafting $:

It’s time to make a character!! 

Here is an easy tutorial on how to make a ‘fairy’, but can add your own twist!(I didn’t have time to make a tutorial, so thank you Lemon Zest Blog!!)

Here’s the link! Please send me pictures!!


This is months challenge is a writing challenge!! Okay, so I am going to put a picture and you have to write a story with only 8 sentences, think you can do it? Please put your story in the comments with the symbol ‘@‘ at the beginning of the comment. Here is the picture, good luck! Your story is due by the end of the month.

Which mask will I wear today?:

What face shall I put on today?


This month is going to be an art challenge. Next month will be a writing challenge, then a crafting challenge, and last a photography challenge.  

I challenge you guys and girls to recreate one of my drawings in a more detailed and creative way. Please enter your submission in the comments with the ‘#‘ at the beginning of the comment. Here are your choices of drawings to pic from(Your drawing is due by the end of the month):


Okay, so my first post is about something crazy and totally random. Me!

 First off, welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy it! Every month there will be a new post, page, or challenge.

So anyway, my name is I.B. and that’s what you guys get to call me, I.B. I am 14 and home schooled(By my mom. Best teacher ever! 😀 ). I am a crafter, writer, photographer, and self-taught artist. I have taken a few art classes, but I already knew how to draw when I was taking them. I like taking art classes because they help me improve and grow as an artist. When I get older I want to become a Disney concept artist and/or a Developmental psychologist. I love drawing, painting, crafting, taking pictures, and writing.
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